Manual Date Coding Machine

Manual Date and batch Coding Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka
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They DY-8 is an excellent date coding machine that can be used in small organizations for coding purposes. There  are 3 types of Manual Date coding machine available for sale with us in Sri Lanka. The 3 Line DY-8 Machine, 4 Line DY-8 Machine and 4 Line DY-8 Machine. This machine can be used to code on various different packaging products. 

The DY-8 manual coding machine can be used to print expiry dates, manufacturing dates, price details, batch number and if required the weight of the product. 

The DY-8 Coding Machine uses a simple block printing mechanism to code date and batch numbers. The machine comes with a set of brass engraved letters and numbers which needs to be configured onto a separate housing. This housing is then inserted into the print machine and the machine can then be plugged onto a power supply. The heated letters then can be pressed onto a hot foil ribbon to code.

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