Coding Machines in Sri Lanka

Date and Batch Coding Machines are used for printing various information on products. This includes printing expiry date, manufacture date, batch number, and various other information.

Coding Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Coding machines are used to print variable information that are required by law or as a company policy on various products. Coding machine comes in different types, prices and capacity. Coding machines are generally used to print information such as expiry date, manufacture date and batch codes on various different products and or packages. 

Coding Machines come from various prices, quality and capacity. Despite the differences the basic purpose of coding machines is to code and mark. There are numerous date and batch coding machines available from the very basic seal to the Industrial laser printer. Depending on the volume and production mechanism each manufacturer will require a different batch coding machine.

For a relatively small industry with a small production volume a manual seal or a DY8 manual coding machine would be ideal while for a large factory with automated production line a TIJ, CIJ or a laser printer is required.